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Connections breathe life into each of my designs. I ask you to drop a comment, critique, request, or general inquiry about any of the spaces. 


I believe in the idea of a global village. With the beauty of translations, I invite you to drop a note in your native tongue and I will do my best to send a translatable message back to you.  

4167 20th St

San Francisco, CA 94114


 Tel_   415-948-5077

Success! Message received.


We’re happy to offer a refund if there is any damage to an order. This can be things like manufacturing errors, items arriving with holes, or the order arriving with clear, demonstrable damage. To do so, please reach out with photo evidence of the item’s improper condition.


After an item is shipped, things have moved beyond our control. Shipping (particularly for international orders) is affected by many outside influences, especially COVID-19. If you’d like an update on your order, please contact the shipping company with your order number or use a tracking number or link.

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