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21st Century De Stijl 
interior integration of nature doesn't have to enter a space by means of faux ficus trees and topiaries. Windows and glazing do the work, creating pre-designed landscaped wallpaper. Jeff Koons' inflatable bunny may be another option for interior-exterior integration. It begins and ends with one thing: personal preference. 
Monet's Palette 
Like a bad marriage, wallpaper can easily turn from polished and dreamy to painfully permanent. It's not just the minimalist's and brutalist's discouraging wallcoverings, it's anyone that has encountered 70s wallpaper paste. Let us learn from that generation and explore pattern in a new way. 
With a subdued eggshell finish on the room's walls, textures are given a fresh, contrasting backdrop. Birchwood accents counterbalance soft touches of linen and washed cotton. 
Simple Geometry 
The design started as an attempt to assemble the paintings of analytical cubist Juan Gris. The planar work and geometry of the 2D paintings are layered and upended to create mass and space. Gris' colorwork becomes muted and streamlined for a livable interior. 

If it's Baroque don't fix it. 

Found Object
As a designer, I find balance in historical contrasts. Living in the 21st Century gives a millennia of tried and true design to pull inspiration from. Depression-era textiles are remedied by 80s Memphis geometrics. 
"Interior Design is the only mentionable business relationship in which a perfect stranger is in your bedroom within 20 minutes of meeting you."

NY Times

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