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Nestled in the  thriving Oklahoma City metro, Dental 32 offers modern amenities in a sustaining, historical environment. 


Strategic integration of Feng shui philosophy and planning, optimizes  the health, safety, and welfare of  the space’s occupants. Curvilinear forms featured in the centralized aquarium, millwork, and textile motifs, promote relaxation and rest for patients- matching the ethos of the practice and it’s services.


The historic preservation of the 2,200 sq. ft. structure, provides the aesthetic qualities of 19th century industrial design. Brick clad walls juxtapose clean, modern furnishings and finishes; creating a continuous conversation between the present and the past.



The French patisserie (pastry shop) is an essential component of the Paris shopping scene the establishments are central to the individualized shopping experience and anchor the French culture. They are designed with attention to function and aesthetics.



Art and architecture enthusiasts, Roland and Abella Francois, have opened Digne d’un Roi, a modern collective of centuries old recipes. Encased by baroque architecture, adaptive reuse brings modern aesthetics and innovation to the space, creating a dialogue with French history.



The vibrancy of CorTen steel panels, cognac-colored vinyl seating, and Keith Haring wall art are contrasted against the silent statement of Carrera marble, ash paneling, and weathered charcoal- colored limestone. 


Through the dissection of the back alleyways of Latin America, modern construction yields a space reminiscent of historic Spanish architecture  and society.


Standing as a landmark in Oklahoma City’s historic Paseo District, Barrio’s, a bar and café, provides an authentic Latino dining and drinking experience.



“Barrio,” a casual term used by the Hispanic population to describe  a neighborhood or ghetto, becomes both a theme and bond for  the diners and occupants of the space.





Situated in the capital of Russia, the Moscow Business Center will serve as the primary hub for both the business operations and Swedish ambassadorship of the 2018 World Cup events.


The building is designed to accommodate a three-level underground parking area; entrance hall, a café, a fitness center at the ground floor and mezzanine levels, office sections from the 3rd to the 18th floors, ending with a VIP-zone on the 18th floor.


Executive suites and hi-tech work-spaces offer state of the art technology and efficient business operations for (FIFA) Federation of International Football Associations, as well as the (RFC) Russian Football Confederation staff and personnel. 

The 2018 World Cup  logo sets the stage for the interior design and architecture of the Moscow Business Center.  Design theories of the Russian interior designers and architects, who were members of the avant-garde  movement (1890-1930), serve as the foundation for the  design concept and FF&E selections.

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