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Caressing a tulip table. We should've known right then we had an interior stylist on our hands.

The moment the pop legend caressed a tulip table, we should have known we had an interior stylist on our hands. It could be argued the little red corvette was in poor taste. We'll look beyond that style rift and move to interiors.

Design inspiration has zero bias. As an interior designer, I can't help but be inundated by the staggering amount of stimuli in the world around me. It takes some honing in to find the truest of true. Turn to the tried and tested style icons and cultural giants of our time as well as the men of old. The Michelangelo's, naughty popes, and Hieronymus Bosch types.

Birthed from a mom with an 80s fro and unyielding prom style, I can only imagine the amount of Prince tracks that filled my infant days. Remove the pacifier, and I could have belted out some pretty funky high notes. Fast forward to 2017, and all I have to offer is design and style advice.

The track just changed to "I Wanna Be Your Lover." I'm feeling

anything but romantic, so lets spice things up a little bit.

The Sensual Prince Prowess.

In the Prince era it all started with a rose. Those passion filled petals were a seal of commitment. An undying promise made of plastic. I suppose the same could be said about interiors of this time. Glossy white laminate tiles with plasticized marble etegeres filled all types of rooms. Oh, and it was a sin to not add a vase or two of faux roses just for the hell of it. If you're going for the plastic teardrop effect, read no further, they're stocked aplenty at your local goodwill. If you want the look but with a little more style, check out these finds.

When we lost the king of pop, I could have used this little petal of love. Whether its a bad breakup or an aching for springtime, this little love magnet has endless potential. Quite fitting, the rose-shaped chair was founded in 1990 and designed by Masanori Umeda, the designer of Flower Collection Edra. Still on the market today, it's just one more way to bring the 90s home.

How dare you take the rose idea so literally. In design you have countless ways to work your vision and ideas into a space. It's a mind bending process of turning the literal into all things implied. Red conjures so many emotions and feelings within. In this NYC flat, lipstick red is featured in the accents. With a hue packing so much visual impact, it's all in the hints and reduced scale. See what's happening, scroll back up to the photo of Prince holding the rose. Suddenly you see bits and pieces of the photo in a studio apartment of all places. This is precisely how interior styling works. It took me years to figure this out. Design school will tell you to be inspired by nature: natural forms and textures. Prince is a mighty fine product of nature. I suppose in a way we're changing the rules. It's design, if we don't break rules, we're not getting anywhere. So for the love of god, break them.

The Polka Dot Police.

Fashion police have a seat. We're now under the authority of the polka dot police. I tend to steer clients away from the DIY scene. Let's face it Pinterest ruined it for us. We've all encountered those spaces that scream "Pinterest" and shout "please." You guys, it doesn't have to be this way. DIY packages have streamlined the crafty look tremendously. My go to DIY materials source is

Whenever birch or velvet is involved, i'm a do-it-yourself kind of guy. Drop a thousand bucks or skip over to amazon for some sticky dots to dress up an eyesore of a credenza. Is there even a bone to be picked about stripping the simplicity from this piece? It's stately with it's clean lines presenting a swath of contrasting dots. Yes, your dots will peel over time. If this is a concern, the Garima Dhawan Vintage Dots Black Credenza, is just right for you. Head over to Deny Designs for a solid, lasting piece.

I'm beginning to think Prince's stylist had this whole inspiration sourcing concept figured out. The eye shadow, blushed cheeks, anchor bling, and hoop earrings are all direct copies of the features in this 70s kids room. Any kid spending time in this sensory overloaded space, had to have some type of funky vibe. Let's pretend it was little Prince himself. Just think of who you would be today had you woke up in this space for just one day. It's mind altering, people!

Neutrals. Untamed.

Even clothed in fully monochromatic attire, Prince has a flare like no other. If I were a fashion designer, I would take the time to give an overview of the detailing. Rather, I'll slide right into interior detailing. One glance, and i'm sent into a tactile trance.

Some of us just want a chunky throw to add texture to our sofa. Others want to be caught in a daydream snuggling next to Prince. This one's for you, Prince snugglers. The knitted layers paired with "When Doves Cry" is the ultimate Prince r&r.

When you go monochromatic, it's all about contrast. Although you're sticking to colors in the same family, there can be a truly magical end result. As seen here, a patchwork rug brings all the hues together. If it weren't for those punches of black, the stately little Eames bird would be in flight. It's anchored, it's balanced, it's welcoming and warm.

Whether you're a designer, a homemaker (sounds so mid century), or student in a style daze, I encourage you to turn to the oddest, most unsuspecting sources for inspiration. Not only will you find inspiration for interiors, there's a very real chance you'll discover a life coach, a counselor, a mentor, or a friend. Images, travels, conversations, observations, basically anything created is a source for change. A source for dreams and revelations. Prince has been that source for me in countless design projects, those both recent and in the past. Find your inspiration and chase it until it delivers. Believe me, if it caught your attention it will gift you in so many ways.

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